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Quick Raspberry Pi Setup

Quick Raspberry Pi Setup

I'm currently working on a project using a Raspberry Pi. I've always just worked stuff out as I've gone along, but thought I'd make an effort to document stuff this time around - to save me time in the future and help others looking for simple to follow instructions.

Format an SD Card

I use OSX Disk Utility for this.

  • Insert SD card and open DIsk Utility
  • Select SD card from disks on left
  • Choose 'Erase'
  • From Format options choose 'MS-DOS (FAT)'
  • From Scheme select 'GUID Partition Map'
  • Click 'Erase'

Flash SD Card with Raspbian

  • Download Etcher
  • Download Raspian (I generally use 'Lite' as I don't need the desktop GUI)
  • Unzip Raspbian then use Etcher to flash the .img file to the SD card

Enable SSH and WIFI Before Boot

  • Open a text editor and create a file called 'ssh' (no file extension) - move this file to the 'boot' partition of the SD card
  • Open a text editor and create a file call 'wpa_supplicant.conf' - enter the following and complete with correct WIFI network name and password:
ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev
  • Move to 'boot' partition of SD card

Boot Raspberry Pi

  • Unmount SD card and then insert into Raspberry Pi
  • Power up the Raspberry Pi
  • Open router dashboard and find 'Connected Devices' list (or similar)
  • Find Raspberry Pi on list and note IP address

SSH Into Raspberry Pi

  • Open terminal and type
ssh pi@[IP ADDRESS]
  • Login with pi and raspberry (standard username and password for a clean install of Raspbian)