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Perch App for Bike Workshop Management

Perch App for Bike Workshop Management

Developing bespoke applications using Perch or Perch Runway gives me the opportunity to provide my clients with exactly what they need.

The Yorkshire Cycle Hub is an amazing development deep in the wonderul North York Moors National Park. Sarah, Phil and their team work really hard to make the Hub a great place for keen cyclists from all over the country to meet together, sleep over and enjoy the great outdoors. Alongside this they run an excellent cafe, bike shop and workshop.

They wanted a bespoke software application developing to help them manage their workshop more efficiently. The Hub uses PHP POS, a browser-based point of sale solution to manage their payments along with their customer database and other key information about the business. I developed a workshop management application within Perch Runway through which they can add jobs, view and edit the status of a job and process the job as 'complete'.

Because the workshop system is linked to their point of sale software, a sale is automatically generated when they mark a job as complete. This ensures that the staff member processing the sale can be certain the work has been undertaken whilst also ensurring that any parts or additional services the workshop used are also charged for at the correct rate.

Have a look at the video below to get a feel for the interface and functionality the system offers:

The Perch app draws in data from the PHP POS system, meaning that the customer list and bike parts lists are always up to date.

In the few months since I built the system we have added a number of additional features and data fields, to ensure that the system meets the requirements of the business as well as the staff members using it day to day.

Bespoke Software For Your Business

A bespoke solution like this can really help small businesses be more productive and work more efficiently. And you might be surprised to learn that software like this doesn't cost the earth to develop either.

Using Perch or Perch Runway as a framework for an application like this means that much of the initial setup is taken care of already, with things like user registration, password resets and security all managed by Perch itself. This means that all of my time can be spent on developing the application itself, rather than being spent on the functionality that any web-based software solution would require.