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Week Notes #3

Week Notes #3

Sometimes running a small business is really hard.

Not because the work is always hard - although sometimes it is. Not because keeping on top of admin and the practical side of stuff is hard - but sometimes it can be. Not because it's easy to be distracted by family and other stuff going on outside of work - although that does happen. Not because learning to manage staff is hard, but it's new (and hard) for me.

No individual aspect of work is particularly hard. I'm not in a war zone, or building a rocket. But occasionally, and I mean very occasionally, everything hard happens at the same time. And the last few weeks have felt like this.

I think I can see the end of the tunnel now. It looks like finishing of a long list of projects which shouldn't have taken as long as they have. It looks getting my cash flow back under control. It vaguely resembles a few days off at some point. It looks like remembering what I enjoy about my job and not dwelling on the stuff I don't.

I don't want to grumble. I love being self employed, most of the time.

But sometimes it's really, very hard work indeed.

Photo by Sharosh Rajasekher on Unsplash