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Perch App for Brewery Tour Ticket Sales

Perch App for Brewery Tour Ticket Sales

I really enjoy developing websites with Perch and Perch Runway CMS. One excellent feature of these platforms is that I can build bespoke apps for my clients within the Perch environment.

Whitby Brewery have quickly gained a reputation for brewing quality beer. They wanted to start offering brewery tours to give their customers an opportunity to see 'behind the scenes'.

Founder Richard Wells asked me to develop a bespoke Perch app through which they could sell tickets for their tours.

Perch App Interface

Within Perch, Richard and his staff can add 'events' to the app. Each event is a unique item within a database which includes the following information:

  • Date and Time
  • Event Name
  • Ticket Quantity
  • Ticket Price

They can view all their future events in a tidy list:

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 at 17.30.56 copy

Any of the event items can be edited or removed as required.

Front-End Interface

When a customer navigates to the Tours page on the Whitby Brewery website, they are shown a calendar which displays available events.

Customers can move through dates using the calendar interface and when they find their preferred date they can click on the event item. Once they do this a modal window appears, containing the event title and date and giving the customer the option to choose how many tickets they wish to purchase.

The app uses Stripe to process payments, which from an end-user perspective makes using the app a very smooth and simple process. They enter their card details and submit their payment information. Once the payment has been processed the user is shown a summary of their order and relevant emails are sent to both the customer and the brewery, informing them of the purchase.

Ticket purchases are also logged within the Perch app and visible against each item in the list of events. This ensures that should the brewery need to change or cancel an event they can easily find the relevant customer details in a single location.

Benefits of Developing Perch Apps

By developing a bespoke app for Richard we have ensured that brewery customers get a more streamlined experience - they're not redirected to a third-party service to buy their tickets. Alongside this, I was able to develop the system to meet their exact requirements, without over-complicating the system.

The Whitby Brewery website uses Perch Shop and Stripe already, so it seemed an obvious choice to use Stripe as the payment processor for this additional app. Stripe's fees are fairly low, currently at 1.9% + 20p per transaction for UK card payments. This also means that Richard is able to accomodate the fees within the price of the ticket, without having to charge an additional booking fee in order to cover the ongoing cost of a third-party ticketing solution.

Richard says:

We love working with Jack! His solutions to our problems mean we can offer our customers a more consistent service. From an administration perspective, being able to sell tickets through our website helps us keep everything in one place. We'd highly recommend Jack to anyone needing a bespoke software solution for their business.