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Winter Running Challenge

Winter Running Challenge

I've been so busy this year with actual work that blogging and social media activity has been left by the wayside. However, I'm about to embark on another trio of trail marathons - repeating the challenge I set myself last year.

This Saturday I'll take part in the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Marathon (video above), starting and finishing at Ravenscar. I'm hoping to complete it in a simlar time to last year - somewhere between 4:00:00 and 4:30:00.

Following that I'll attempt Goathland Hardmoors Trail Marathon in November. Last year I picked up a small injury with about 6 miles to go and it took me nearly 6 hours in total. I'm hoping to bring that down to about 5:00:00 this year!

Finally I'll be running the Hardmoors 30 on New Year's Day. This will be my longest run to date, though the terrain is more straightforward than Goathland, so it should be manageable!

I'm raining money for Compassion - a child development charity working globally to provide education and healthcare to vunerable children and support for their families. The money I raise this year will go to wards providing solar power for a child development project in Uganda.

If you can sponsor me - and every little helps - you can do so online here:


Thank you!