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A Day on the Beach

After the most miserable April and May I can remember, we've finally had some sun over the last few days.

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It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally getting round to sorting this website out.  Having become increasingly unhappy with the old version, I put up a holding page sometime early this year, and then failed miserably in doing anything more.

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2011 was an incredibly enjoyable and busy year for me personally and professionally. I've had the pleasure of working with a wide range of local and national clients on all kinds of projects. I've been challenged and stretched and as a result have had to think about how I present myself and my services.

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Why Are File Uploads Causing a '500 Error'?

A couple of times recently, I've been having trouble with file uploads to the server causing 500 Internal Server Errors.  The first time it happened I solved the problem but forgot to keep a record of what it was that I'd done to fix it.  So, when it happened again (tonight) I thought I'd make a note of the fix just in case it helps anyone else (or I need to remember it again in the future!)

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How Can I Run a Cron Job in Plesk?

Cron Jobs (if you didn't know) automate the running of specified scripts on a server - making them a great way for automatically sending emails, or running maintenance scripts during the night etc.

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