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Why Are File Uploads Causing a '500 Error'?

A couple of times recently, I've been having trouble with file uploads to the server causing 500 Internal Server Errors.  The first time it happened I solved the problem but forgot to keep a record of what it was that I'd done to fix it.  So, when it happened again (tonight) I thought I'd make a note of the fix just in case it helps anyone else (or I need to remember it again in the future!)

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How Can I Run a Cron Job in Plesk?

Cron Jobs (if you didn't know) automate the running of specified scripts on a server - making them a great way for automatically sending emails, or running maintenance scripts during the night etc.

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Why Can't I Sent Email From My iPad?

Well it's been ages since I wrote anything - being a one man band with a hectic 'real work' schedule and a family doesn't leave much time for thinking up informative/enjoyable/interesting blog posts.  However, I had a call from a client today and I thought the solution may help someone else out there, so I thought I'd write it down.

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How Can I Create a PDF File Download in PHP?

I've recently been working on the new Whitby Town Council website.  One of the main requirements of the council was that PDF documents should be available to download from a number of document categories.  At the same time, some of the documents should only be available to town councillors, with others freely available to the general public.

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0x610000f6 Error on HP Officejet 6500A Plus

Bit of a boring one this - but maybe useful to anyone suffering the annoyance of their HP Officejet 6500A multi-function printer playing up and complaining about the wrong paper size being in the printer.

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